Sim card 3G internet for foreign travelers in Viet Nam

Vietnam Sim card

Sim card 3g internet is a sim card with high speed internet access.

With the development of technology, smart phones can use the internet connection through the sim card of telecommunications companies. This is very convenient when you go to places where there is no wifi to access the internet.
What are the telecommunication operators in Vietnam?
Currently, there are three largest telecommunications operators in Vietnam: vinaphone, viettel and mobifone.
These telecom operators have a lot of packages including high speed internet access.
However, through the experience of many foreign tourists coming to Vietnam. We have found and recommend that you use one of three types of sims to use for travel purposes in Vietnam:


1. Sim card normal

With this Sim Card, you use to call, text and use the internet like native (vietnamese). However, note that rates for calling and internet services will apply to vietnamese people. Therefore, when you call from Vietnam to other countries, call rates will be very high. Moreover, the use of this sim for internet access will not have any incentives, promotions.
Note: You will have to bring your passport to register to use this sim.

2. Sim card is only used for internet access (no call, no sms):

This Sim card 3g internet has 3Gb data for internet access, This SIM card has a validity period of 2 months (60 days). However, you can buy more high speed storage.
With this sim, you only need to buy and install sim phones that support 3G, 4G internet connectivity. This type of sim is already registered, and you just use.

3. Sim card 3g internet for foreign travelers – Global connection sim (recommend)

This type of Sim card 3g internet is already registered. The sim seller will help you activate sim to use. It has many convenient features for travelers in Vietnam:
– 8 Gb of data AT 3G Speeds connect.
– Free 80 Minutes of domestic calls (calls in Vietnam)
– Free 80 Messages
– Free 50 Minutes of international calls (27 countries)

Sim card 3g internet Sim card 3g internet


With 8GB of data, You can :(enjoy option such as surfing web, Facebook, Skype etc.)

  • Experience 488 Youtobe videos
  • 88 hours of using Goolge maps
  • Enterain yourself with 88 games or applications downloads
  • Send 188,888 emails
  • 38 hours of chat on WhatsApp
  • 28 hours of chat on Skype

All these incentives will be available when the sim is activated, you will not have to pay any additional money. This Sim card 3g internet has a validity period of 30 days (1 month), after 1 month, sim will return as sim card 1 above.

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